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I just buy a new house and need a new bed.I go to Raymour and Flanagan figuring I want good quality since I bought a house.

All of a sudden theres the hives. Horrible itching and me and husband are goin crazy trying to get rid of them. They havent called me back yet so I don't know what they have to offer, but soon it will be a lawyer on them. It's called need new furniture and need to have bedroom bombed.

It's all over my carpet.It is very frustrating cuz now I have to buy a new bed and matress and bomb it.I am so disgusted with the matter.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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West Haven, Connecticut, United States #1345973

I will never shop at R&F

I love pilgrims furniture never had a problem.


Yikes!I have had a serious problem with R&F since the spring.

They have been paid since the initial delivery of the wrong sofa, then a defective sofa....another defective sofa. I am still waiting after 6 months for the correct, and non-defective sofa. Mind you, they were paid in full months ago. Now, since reading about these bedbugs, I am scared to death that the sofa will have bedbugs.

I can't imagine why anyone would buy anything other than non-fabric accessories from these people.Their track record is terrible!


We purchased a mattress and box springs from Raymour and Flanigan (R&F) in July of 2012.We have lived in our home almost 40 years and never saw a bed bug.

Low and behold the second day my wife has bugs on her pillow. Not knowing any better kills them and moves into a back bedroom. The next day we had an exterminator in to advise. He saw some stains but nothing that could help him draw a definitive conclusion.

The next night my wife was bitten on her neck and arms. We were able to collect a few specimens and show them to the exterminator for positive bed bug identification. The process of extermination which began the next day has been costly a nightmare, and a huge inconvenience.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking of purchasing a mattress or any furniture from R&F.

R&F delivers and removes mattresses on the same truck. The fellows that make the delivery do not wear any protective garments. After discussions with a delivery coordinator I find the trucks that move the mattress' are not disinfected in any way in the evenings. I can only imagine if the same trucks are being used to deliver furniture WOW.

I discussed the delivery procedures with Dave Covel, a Risk executive with R&F, and his response to me was “it works for us”. Amy Myers, Director of Business Development R&F, 315.558.5484, says that “we are unable to recreate a similar issue with our product”. By the way, Ms. Myers will be able to give you Dave...

I spoke to a woman who purchased her mattress and box spring from Sleepy’s and the delivery and pickup were in separate trucks.

I am not promoting Sleepy’s because they have their own set of problems in my book.What I am saying is do your homework before you buy anything from R&F.

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to Warren Buffalo, New York, United States #1121063

We are going threw the same issue, after we rec'd our, mu husband stated getting alive, we went to a few doctor and no one knew what was causing the bites, then I caught one and took to the doctor, and he said bed bugs, my poor husband had 50 or more bits, the doctor had on a few different meds, he is aleady a sick man, and the meds were making him sicker, R&F called and said no way did they come on the mattress, I called the BBB they have 468 complaint about R&F, I am making a full complaint and refusing to pay the bal on the mattress, this is disgusting, and has cause much stress in our life.

to ***ed of in Buffalo Staten Island, New York, United States #1189413

I purchased mine over a year ago now they coming out all of sudden I wonder if it to late to anything about it


i just had 3 pieces of furniture from them full of bugs.started getting bit days after the delivery.

the second delivery which was another piece had nothing in it. when i went down to the truck to check it out because the first was damaged there was an old uncovered mattress on the truck. they called me back a week after i called and did nothing but try to prove me wrong and argue with me. her first question was "how do you think we are responsible?" she said they have proven 100% of the time it's always the owners fault.

i had the exterminator for my building check before i bought the furniture because i was home on the day they normally come which is once a month for preventative maintenance for all other types of bugs. he said everything was fine after we inspected the bedroom. as soon as i called him after i found the bugs he told me they have had a lot of problems from new furniture from trucks delivering with old mattress's and furniture on them.

he works all over nyc and westchester.i'm done with this company and will toss the $100 gift card in the trash from them.


My husband and I finally saved up enough money to purchase our first beautiful bedroom set.What a dissappointment when I had to spend $1500.00 on exterminator for the BEDBUGS!!!

You never know where they come from but NEVER had them before set.

What is going on on those delivery trucks!!!!!i'm ready for a living room but wouldn't be going back there!!!!


:cry,I sorry to every one who was affected by the bed bug infestation do to buying mattresses from raymore flanigan i was just their today the central avenue store in yonkers,new york my salesperson name was sarah just purchased a new 2 bedroom condo and was looking to jazz up my new place I came across peopl comments by accident I feel very uncomfortable now and won't be making a purchase thank you for taking the time and sharing your experience with me 12-03-11


brought a matteress from Raymour and Flanigan kept the plastic cover on my son said the plastic was to hot so we took it off now my son and I are all bit up because of the bedbugs that were in the mattress according to the specialist that did the clean up the plastic cover kept them contained that's why we didn't get bit before call R&F and they won't return my call..I'm ready to call the press and my attorney.


I was just about to purchase a recliner from raymour and flanagan but *** no. I will try the homegoods store instead.

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