I purchased a chest of 4 drawers along with a "platinum protection" plan for a total of $510.00 on December 26th 2012. A few weeks later, the top drawer was becoming increasingly difficult to open and close.

I called the customer service center to schedule a service appointment. Here is where the problem begins. They do not service in the evening or on Sundays and can't guarantee a specific time frame for service. I explained to them that I have a job during the week (as most people do) and would need an evening appointment and they said they couldn't offer me a specific time frame.

I also explained that my work schedule on the weekend varies, but I was only left with the option of making a Saturday appointment (which I have had to cancel twice because they were giving me time frames such as 2-6 on a Saturday which is asinine.) I spoke with a few different customer service reps over the past few months (it is now April and I still have not had my furniture fixed) pleading with them to schedule me with an appointment during the week any time after 4. They said they could not do so. I asked them to give me an early morning appointment on a Saturday, again they said they could not provide me with a requested time frame. I asked to speak with their manager on several occasions and I am consistently told that they are "not in." I even offered to BRING THE FURNITURE TO A SERVICE CENTER and they said they would not do that either.

I explained to them that I am the customer who paid a lot of money for a piece of furniture that is defective and that my needs should be accommodated and the customer service rep basically told me that I probably broke the furniture and it's not their fault. I have been inconvenienced and ripped off on every level.

I will never shop at Raymour and Flanigan again.

Monetary Loss: $510.

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