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the handrails at the toilet in the woman's room are too far away to be of any use, one set is on the opposite side of the toilet and about four feet away, with none on the toilet side to hand on to. the other handrail is behind the toilet.

if I hadn't been there to help, my mother, who is in a wheelchair, could never have used it, nor could any other handicapped person. you may meet specs of ada but not the meaning of it.

the handrails in the woman's toilet are useless. totally against the ada law.......................

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Really, you're complaining about a bathroom! wow


Oh BOO HOO!!!!!

They have what is required, but I don't like how it is set up. WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

I didn't like the color of the walls either, or the tile on the floor.

And I had to take a whole 15 steps from the handicapped parking, they need valet service for people in my situation. OH POOR ME!

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