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I purchased the Build a Bear bunk bed set for my daughters back on Oct. 7, 2007 from Raymour & Flannigan.

As of today I have yet to receive the bunk beds, why, who knows? According to sales rep. since the bunk beds where a special order the beds would need to take a few weeks to deliver. That was back in October, we are now going on 20+ weeks and no one in the store has any answers.

After repeated calls and visits to the store, I've gotten answers such as the beds came in broken, they are having problems with the manufacturer and once again the bed was a special order. I am tired of hearing that the bed was a special order. My wife and I ordered the exact bunk bed which was on the sales floor. No special color, no special details, we only added the trundle to the bottom bed.

Does this constitute a 20+ week delay in delivery? Why the BS…why can’t they be straight forward and tell me they can’t deliver the beds instead of wasting more of my time! If necessary, I would have been more than happy to order a different style bed. Well, bottom line is come the end of February my wife and I will be making another personal visit back to the store to speak with one of the many annoying managers in order to try and resolve this matter.

Stay tuned?

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