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I purchased a sectional sofa in November here in NY State. Upon delivery I noticed the wood base had a deep gouge in it and a small rip in the corner of the fabric. I contacted Customer Service and they sent a rep out a few days later. I was informed that they would pick up the damaged section and replace the wood base and fabric from the side. We were asked to wait for a call to arrange pickup. One month passed and no call. Mid December came and I was told they would pick the piece in mid January as they were waiting for the replacement parts.

The sofa was picked up, "repaired" and returned within a few days. The wood replacement was fine but the fabric repair was half assed and I complained to Customer Service and they offered to bring a new one.

HERE"S THE KICKER! In the interim my son found the in-house repair ticket in the driveway. It stated, verbatim, "Please install the base as marked so the repair will be in the back and noticeable to the customer."

They didn't replace the part, they repaired and hide it by rotating the base from front to back!


They denied it. Until I showed them the smoking gun and then their mood changed dramatically. The Tour de France of backpeddling.

Negotiating compensation as we speak.

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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Action needs to be taken against these crooks. They charge high prices for very low end furniture.

I have had my so called cherry wood pcs for less then 2 years and they do not hold up well at all.

As a person with no young children in their house,this furniture looks very bad. :(

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