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I purchased a bed frame, sofa and wall unit for my new home from Raymore and Flanigan. The sofa was a custom order and it came in early, I was thrilled.

Delivery Attempt 1: I got a phone call at 7:00 to tell me the wall unit was not going to deliver this week. There was a PROBLEM WITH THE GLASS DOORS. But all other pieces will deliver.

Delivery Attempt 2: They sent two people to my home NEITHER SPOKE ENGLISH and therefore could not communicate with me. THE WALL UNIT WAS SCRATCHED ON THE FRONT CENTER. The deliveryman wanted to leave the product and tried touching it up with a sharpie marker and telling me it was okay!

Delivery Attempt 3: I was promised to be the first delivery at 9:00 am. At 10:00 I called customer service and was told they were in traffic near my home. I looked at google's live traffic to see that there was no traffic where the customer service person claimed there to be traffic. Also, I asked if the drivers this week will be English speaking and the woman answered me saying since she is bilingual if I have problems communicating she is more than happy to translate via the phone. IN AMERICA, DEALING WITH AN AMERICAN COMPANY, I EXPECT PEOPLE TO COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE SENDING PEOPLE TO MY HOME.

I called the manager whom told me they messed up the delivery schedule and I would have wait for them until 1:00.

Customer service is polite and quick to answer. But they just tell the customers what they want to hear and then do what they wish while on your clock.

Unless you have all the time in the world to wait for them to get their act together I would never buy another product from them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I had the same problem with them. I ordered a bedroom set and the mirror was scratched badly and I made them take it back.

They attempted to deliver the same mirror to me again and I told them I wanted a new one, using a marker to try and cover it up.

I received a rude phone call the next day from them asking me if I wanted my mirror. I told them I would love one that's not damaged!

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