I have bought a complete living room set, dining furniture and kitchen furniture from two separate stores in the upstate NY area. Both stores sales people were easy to deal with and very helpful.

Until delivery day. They cant keep appointments to save their rear ends. My girlfriend had to waste time from work to wait for late deliveries. The couches i ordered came without pillows and one of them had an ink spot.

Looked to be a showroom model. Only one of the two end tables were on the truck but the glass was chipped on the one that they had. So needless to say, the only things left that day were a love seat and a coffee table. A week later , the correct items arrived but, still no pillows for couches.

So i bitched to them and got one of the end tables for free. Still doesnt make up for all of the inconveniences and missed work, stress etc. A year later i got a dining room set and kitchen table from a different store. The sale was easy but again, a late delivery and with attitudes.

The men acted like they were doing us a favor and stood around waiting for a tip as i pointed out a ding on one of the chairs. The said we can take it back and bring you another one next week. I said nope Im done with you bull*&^% people. Have a great day.

So bottom line is, its obvious that reymore and flannigan is a half-assed operation.Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Delivery Service.

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