The worst customer service I have ever expierenced. The worst delivery service I have ever expierenced.

Assembled my furniture incorrectly, showed up 5 hours late! The were extremely rude on the phone. They acted as if they are doing me a favor. Do not do business with this company.

They refunded my delivery fee, but I still can't use my bed. They can't come back when it is good for me. I spent almost $2000, and they give you a run around. I have never regreted a business transaction more.

Save youself the headache and don't buy from this sleezy operation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Purchased couch

it hurts to lay on it

3 times more expensive then the other chase lounge couches does not recline looked good

Nothing else going for it


Well, I wish I had found this site before I purchased a sofa from Raymour and Flannigan .

The showroom model was beautiful, so I purchased it .

It arrived this morning and the front top leather cushion is pieced, the floor sample had it and I knew what I was buying, however, one piece of leather is lighter than the one directly next to so it looks like a patch work quilt.

Customer service is a disgrace, I have been placed on hold and disconnected more than once. After 3 hours of holding on the phone and dialogue grief I want a refund and will never do business with this store again.

The delivery was horrific the delivery man was rude and the sofa came wrapped in filthy blankets , which they removed and the couch was covered in dusty dirt. When they went to take the blankets out of my home they shook the filthy things all over my living room!

Save yourself grief & shop elsewhere, this store needs better quality control of their products . As long as we Americans accept less than first quality merchandise made in China for top dollar this vicious cycle of rip offs will continue. The draw back is it is hard to find sofas made in the USA.

No wonder why there are no jobs in America!


I purchased a sofa and recliner chair two years ago and used their one year interest free financing. They delivered our furniture somewhat with the time table they said(its really hard for them to nail down an exact delivery time because there are many things which can affect their schedule).

They put it all together for me and showed me how to take it apart and even how to add stuffing to them if it settled after time. I paid it off in the year allowed and I have never had an issue with the furniture since. The salesman at the Abington store was very helpful.

Please remember that these guys work on commission. If you worked on commission, you would use the same tactics to sell.

Iam getting ready to move again and will be going there to purchase a bedroom set and a dining room table and chairs.


thanks for the heads up, was about to look at some furniture but won't even bother now they sound horrible.

To be fair, I was very angry at feeling helpless and we get mad at the sales people and they might be just as much prisoners of the stores' policies as we are to some degree, my mom got very lucky in leu of this stores' policy, Josh straightened everything out for her last evening. However I still think that these store policies have to change, you "sign for it, end of story" policy, it relieves the stores of all responsibility and the consumer and their sales people with the entire burden. :)

mom purchased a livingroom set and tables on before thanksgiving from the Cropsey avenue Bklyn store, delived wednesday, sadly the tables did not fit her livingroom,contated the salesman Josh right away wnt to look at another set for even exchange had to wait until friday for the supervisors approval, it was approved and delivery is for this friday, then my mom is asked if she wants to put the $329.00 in the card, mom called me surprised and unsure of the charge, i called the salesman and this time he is a little loud and tells me that the set we picked is more expensive and he forgot to tell us, by the way the new set we picked out is smaller and very simple not to mention that we noticed that the couch was maked up $400.00 from the price 3 days before. my mom is being extorted and the attorney general should look at this stores practices or at least how they are allowing the individual stores practice if this is an isolated incident, which i dought.


After purchaing premier coverage to cover any wear on our new sofa they are refusing to replace or repair cushions after only one year of use. We have no chidren so for two adults to use a sofa for one year that cannot be replaced or repaired is such poor service. I continue to call them every week to continue to complain in the hope of getting service.

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