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Raymour & Flanigan: Let’s start at the beginning. Raymour & Flanigans commercials promise delivery in three days. Well sure if you don’t mind taking several days off of work, because it’s your job to accommodate their lack of concern for the condition of the furniture they are allowed to load on their trucks, and when (not if) your furniture arrives damaged it’s another three day wait, as long as one of those three days is not Sunday or Monday.

I am waiting on delivery attempt #5 now. Oh yes, I was greeted right away and the sales person was very nice and helpful. The furniture is not high end but the price reflects that, most if not all is made in China. The style of the 11 pieces I chose was very nice and was well suited for my home. However, when it comes to delivering the furniture there is total lack of concern for you time.

Raymour & Flanigan will give you a 7 hour window of time the day before delivery, but that is not a guaranty, so it is almost a useless call. On two of the delivery attempts their drivers would call and say they will be at my home in (x) amount of time. Once they were off by 2.5 hours and another 1.5 hours.

On delivery day #1: The furniture delivery truck came with in their 7 hour window. This was the delivery to set precedence for the res of the Raymour & Flanigan experience. The sofa, chair and love seat were all acceptable; however, the end tables, sofa & coffee tables, night tables and dressers all had to be sent back. The kicker is here is that the delivery guys acknowledged that they knew we were not going to accept the furniture, due to it condition, before loading it on the truck. There were chunks of wood missing on most, thick layers of dust on some and scratches on the rest. OK Delivery #2, there was no concern shown from customer service, just their standard reply; it will take at least three more days to get the next delivery with a seven hour window.

Delivery # 2: (%#@(), 2.5 hours after the call saying they will be here in 15 minutes, with in their 7 hour window of time. I accept 1-end table, 2-night stands, and the sofa table. The rest had to go back.

Delivery #3: (#@!**& %$#) my wife calls me nearly in tears. I ‘m not too sure about the consideration of a deliver time on this delivery because I was not home, but they forgot to load the glass top for the coffee table so they would not leave the table. This leads us to delivery #4.

Delivery # 4. So far I have called Raymour & Flanigans distribution center twice this morning, because I never received the verification call to let me know they were coming. I finally got through and I am told that they will be here between 1pm and 7pm. So let’s see I have to be home at least four days at seven hours a day for mediocre furniture made in China to get my promise of delivery with in three days. My time is worth more than I saved by shopping Raymore and Flanigan. God I miss Huffman Koo’s.

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Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand #945

Where are you shopping that they've given you a 7-hr time window?

I've always gotten a 3 hr window, and they've always been on time from the 2 PA store locations I've shopped at....

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