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My wife and I went to the store near Paramus NJ to buy an Armoir.. was given a sale quote by friendly sales person..

went back to negotiation and the second woman was a (C U Next Tuesday).. refused to honor deal, imposed full shipping charge, and refused to get the manager when asked... despite us having full cash for the piece. This place has permanently lost business from me and everyone I know based on this LOUSY experience!

Frankly Im glad we left and never looked back because all the internet reviews are aweful and whats worse, are the responses from the company employees with a air of self entitlement and using offensive language calling people ignorant, uneducated, etc.. while Im sure they all have MBAs.. I hope R&F dies of gonorrhea and rots in ***.. all kidding aside, I cant wait to see the going out of business signs in the upcoming second dip of the great recession.

Just dont come to me to pay more taxes when these aweful salespeople want to collect unemployment at my expense. Losers.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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