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We purchased a Beautyrest Black "Hannah" mattress from Raymour and Flanigan. After 6 months it developed 2.5 inch deep body impressions. The company sent out an "inspector" who measured the despressions and told us we could get another mattress as this was defective. (no option to get our money back and go elsewhere, however.) After looking online I saw hundreds of complaints about this mattress so instead of having them replace it with the same model, we opted to "reselect." We decided to upgrade to a Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme and paid the difference. The receipt, which I signed, listed the mattress as 3300, and the box spring, mattress protector, pillow, were listed as 0$ (included for free to make the sale). We paid tax so the total was 3500. The cloud ended up being way too soft and hot. We wanted to go for a latex mattress. The one the store carried (Sealy Springfree) they tried to sell me for 2000; I looked online and the same mattress (different model name but had the exact same layer composition, weight, specs) was listed for 900. They would not discount their price, and would not let me do a return so that I could shop elsewhere, so I ended up getting the firm Tempurpedic Contour, which retails for 2300 (a 1000$ price difference).

Raymour and Flanigan's "comfort policy" clearly states that the mattress only can be exchanged, not the box spring. Also, they charged a total fee of 309$ for the "reselect" and delivery/return. So that would mean that we would get 691$ back, right? They would not give us any money back, only a store credit which they hand wrote on our receipt. I did not check carefully and when they came to deliver the mattress a few days later they took the box springs and replaced it with the same model of box springs. I told the delivery people that this was not supposed to happen but they did it anyway. When I went to look at the receipt again, they credited us 100$ less than we paid for the Cloud, then charged us an additional $400 for the box spring on the Contour, so they scribbled in that we only had a credit of $250.

There was an automated customer service call the day after delivery which allowed me to connect to a live agent, who pulled up the receipts and stated she "could not figure out" what had happened, and that I needed to speak to a sales associate. (why a sales associate, whose job is to SELL, rather than a customer service representative?) I had to wait until the weekend and went to the store in person. I was there for over an hour with the sales person and the manager. It was like talking to a wall. They admitted that the box spring should not have been changed as per the policy but then stated that although the receipt itemized that mattress as 3300, when we returned the mattress all those "extras" (box spring, protector, etc) were deducted from the cost since it was a "package." Then then told me that they really sold me the Cloud mattress for 2900. I pointed out that they were the ones that told me they were not allowed to discount Tempurpedic or Tempurpedic would not continue to deal with them, so why are you telling me now that you sold me the mattress for $400 less than it retails for and not as it was listed on the receipt which I signed? Should I not report this to Tempurpedic?

It was really a simple concept (exchanged for a mattress that cost $1000 less, minus their "fee" of $309, equals 691, NOT 250). You should not have charged me/not credited me for box springs that I did not want exchanged and in fact is in your written policy that you will not exchange. After 1 hour in the store feeling like I was teaching simple math to a preschooler, I realized I would rather let them have my $441 than waste one more minute of my life talking to them. I have never met a more dishonest and illogical group of people, with such poor customer service.

They finally said "well fine, we can just take everything back and refund all except the $309." Fine, I said. (worth $309 just to get some money back and then I can buy a mattress from a more reputable institution). Then they disappeared for 10 minutes, came back, and said "well actually we can't do this because you had the matters for so long." What are you talking about? I've had it for 5 days? "Oh no I mean your initial (DEFECTIVE) mattress for 6 months. So we'd have to charge you an additional $1500 on top of the 309. So probably not worth it."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? COULD YOU LIE, CONTRADICT YOURSELF, AND MAKE UP ANY OTHER RANDOM WAYS TO KEEP MY MONEY AND YOUR COMMISSION? I think smoke began to come out of my ears at this point so what they ended up doing was crediting me a total of $360 (they "threw in" the mattress protector at an additional 110 since we never wanted it anyway.) So I got 360 back instead of 691.

Raymour and Flanigan, I think you know what you can do with my $331.

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Sales Representative.

Monetary Loss: $361.

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