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Purchased a $2000 leather sofa 4 years ago and bought the "Platinum Protection" package that covers "cosmetic flaws like rips, cuts and burns for up to five years". Called today to take advantage of having numerous scratches repaired.

We have 3 cats. "Sarah" told me the coverage does not include any scratches made by the cats, but that the technicians are very good at telling whether or not these are cat scratches. This info might have been useful when we bought the coverage, however, that would have required someone doing their job. I think you know where this is going.

This is the crappiest, touchiest leather sofa I've ever seen; you cannot brush past this sofa without marking it. How do I know which scratches came from a cat, or from a seam in a pair of jeans??? Needless to say, I won't waste my time having a technician come to the house to do the "tough sh#*, we can't help you' dance. I will NEVER buy another piece of furniture from this store (have made this mistake too many times in the past).

I will not have anything good to say about this store to others. I won't bore you with the numerous stories about other furniture purchases made over the years and regretted due to poor workmanship or lack of follow-up service.

Takes me a while to learn a lesson, I guess. Do yourself a favor and buy from ANYWHERE else.

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When buying the Platform Protection you receive an information brochure........MAYBE you should have read it. It clearly states what is and is NOT covered.

Again, try reading this before flipping out.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #924633

I bought two sofas and one love seat which have all kinds of wear and tear including cuts, rips, pen marks etc. Their platinum coverage refused to fix any of the them. I am going to talk to the person in store who sold me the warranty with a lot of promises

New York, New York, United States #874860

Cheapo crappy furniture. Lousy dining room set; marks "repaired" always come back. Never again indeed.

White Plains, New York, United States #620484
I think you should get rid of the cats and buy a new couch.
What would make you buy a warrantee that excludes cat scratches when you have 3 cats? :grin
New York, New York, United States #605780

This plan that the sales people in the store push so hard for you to get is all a catch.. i was told that this plan covered all damages made by pets..

I asked very specific questions when i was in the store because my roomate had a cat and i wanted to make sure that this plan covered it. they also told me that i could have somebody come out and clean the couch as well.

when i called they told me that they dont have the machine to clean the whole couch that all they do is spot clean. if i would have read these reviews before i would have never bought the protection plan.

to New York *** #666209

The things that you say they told you are covered, are precisely the things that aren't covered. You obviously heard wrong.

I would never buy leather anything with cat's in the house. Then again I would never have a cat in the house... :p

"Scratches" regardless of how they got there cat or not are not covered. A scratch is not a a cut or rip so it wouldn't be covered anyway.

Nothing lost.

Read your warranntees and then decide if you want to play the game. Don't like the rules don't play the game it's simple.


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We were told in advance about pet damage not being covered. But I have experienced that it does not pay to purchase protection plans.

There is always some catch that the merchant never explains to you. I am 65 yrs young, so believe me, no protection plans ever!


It is not the employees responsibility to go over all the legal stuff in the insurance policy, if they did, you would be there for hours. It is your job as the consumer to read the agreement of terms before purchasing the insurance, however you didn't, because that would require you "doing your job".

Don't blame the employee for your negligence. Also, it is unreasonable to expect a company to cover anything other than accidental damage, such a damage inflicted by animals or other negligent use.

If you don't like the company, stop buying from them but there isn't another store out there that would cover any of that damage. You shouldn't have said anything about a cat.

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