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I purchased the Carnegie love seat and couch along with the Elations table and chairs from the Manchester, CT R&F on 7/27. I was purchasing my first condo, closing on 8/15 so I wanted to get everything all set ahead of time. I scheduled an 8/21 delivery. At the encouragement of my salesman, I chose the least busy delivery date to be nice to the store.

After I decided on my furniture, I went out and purchased decorations, lamps, etc, all based on my choice of a deep plum couch and love seat.

At 7 pm on 8/20, I called R&F to find out what time my delivery was going to be. Long story short: somehow, my purchase had been cancelled out of the system. (In error of course.) Not to worry I was told, they put it back in, but I'd have to take delivery on on Saturday 8/23 instead. They promised me free delivery and a 100 dollar gift card.

This was a problem for me because I had scheduled painters to come in to pick out colors for my condo based on my furniture arriving. I asked the woman I was speaking to, Jill, if I could come down and pick up a pillow from the floor model 1st thing in the morning on Thursday, 8/21. She said that was not a problem.

The next morning, I took the 1/2 hour ride down to Manchester. I asked to speak to the store manager so I could get the store pillow. Low and behold, they no longer had the floor model of the couch. Jerry, the store manager with 2 weeks experience, was beyond rude to me. Their store messed up, and he was treating me like it was my fault.

So, I asked him if I could take one of my actual pillows from my couch. Jerry went to check on my order. After about an hour, he came back. He told me that everyone messed up. My love seat had been sold. He said that IF I was able to even get it, it would be at least 6 weeks. Also, that was a big if. The chairs from the table were backordered. My furniture was not going to be delivered on Saturday.

He told me that I was out of luck and to pick out new furniture. Now, I have over 500 dollars worth of merchandise I've purchased to go with plum couches that I can no longer use.

This should not happen on an order placed three weeks in advance. I picked out a new couch. By the way, I HATE IT.

I had to bring the sample, which was cut off the floor model, to the painters. Then, I had to drive back to the store to figure out what to do about the table and chairs. Somehow they 'found' the chairs and my delivery was back on for Saturday. R&F took back their gift card and free delivery offer that they had offered me the night before and my bill managed to increase significantly.

Saturday 8/23 rolls around and I get my delivery. The plastic on the chairs have been left on. I had to spend over an hour taking the chairs apart in order to get the plastic off. Also, R&F delivered the wrong table top. Finally, I realized on my receipt that they had OVER charged me on the table.

I spoke to the manager, Bill. After much coaxing, he had my bill reduced by the shipping and the overcharge for the table. He asked when I could have the correct table top delivered. I suggested either Tuesday or Friday after 4 PM. I was told that these times weren't conveinent for them. Well, them delivering the wrong table wasn't conveinent for me.

We set up another Saturday delivery, Saturday 8/30. I was supposed to be the 2nd delivery on the 8 to 12 truck. At 10:30 I called Bill because my table top still hadn't shown up. Guess what? It never did.

I don't know when I'll get it because no one will call me back from the store. Someone from the depot called me and said he'll personally bring it by Tuesday at 4:30, but I really don't believe it.

Raymour and Flanigan is by far the worst company I've ever had to deal with. They have yet to compensate me for anything. 3 day delivery guaranteed my ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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