In March of 2012 found a bedroom set that we loved in Raymour & Flanagan. After processing the sale for almost one hour, the sales clerk informed us that "it is not in the warehouse" and that "it is not available at this time". OK, no problem. Upon leaving Raymour we entered the clearance center which was located right next door. We were approached by a salesman who advised us that we could have the bedroom set we were interest in, in brand new condition "out of the box" and that it is in the "warehouse". I emphasis warehouse because it is a "trick" word". We received the 8 piece bedroom set, EVERY PIECE (except the bed) THAT WAS DELIVERED WAS DAMAGED. We were then told that we would have to wait two weeks for a replacement set. Which we did. Two weeks has past and NOTHING. Not even a courtesy call. Nothing. Upon contacting our sales person we were informed that "it would be another two weeks". It is in the "warehouse". Apparently the "warehouse" means that it has not been made yet. Another two weeks has past and we were again asked to wait another two weeks. We were do discussed by the dishonestly and "play on words" we cancelled the order. Oh, by the way, when they say "THEY" can deliver. It is not Raymour it is an outside contractor who we paid $100 for delivery (and since he is an outside contractor we did not get our $100 delivery fee back) and was then expected to pay for the pickup of the damaged bed. Has they been completely honest with us regarding the delivery date, we would have been more than happy to wait.

The sales people we dealt with were the most discourteous, lying, conniving staff, especially the Manager who thought that playing "MARCO POLO" games was appropriate when we are there seething about their lack of professionalism, that I have encountered.

Just be aware that at the Clearance Center in Smith Haven NY there is a play on words. Be very careful to disect what they are actually telling you. BTW - Having them show you orders on the screen means absolutely nothing.

Very Frustrating. I would never to business with Raymour again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Delivery Service.

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We're sorry to hear about your experience. Can you please send an email with a phone number where you can be reached to erosenbaum@raymourflanigan.com? Thank you.


Have you thought about going to the corporate offices with this. If you are being treated this poorly then the people invested in the company need to know because your experience is going to effect future business with them.

Tell your friends, make a stand.

Things need to be resolved responsibly and honestly and if they can't do it the others should know. Thank you for your post because I used to think they were a company to hold I'm the highest regard.

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