Saw a chair I liked at this store, I asked salesman who was the manufacturer of this "Vegas" line chair because I wanted to buy made in America. He looked at the tag and told me it was a line from Lane, and it was made in America.

Upon checking on the internet, found out that "Vegas" line of furniture is manufactured by the Raymour Furniture Co., and still cannot find where their manufacturing plant is. Probably in some third world country! I was going to go back and buy this chair, not now. Will not buy anything from a salesman that lies.

I am now going to my neighborhood furniture store where I will pay more, but know that they have integrity and will stand by their products. I should know that you get what you pay for!

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Soundslike you got a salespersonwho was too embarrassed to say i donot know. Were you ever new at a company? Raymours has the most training of any furniture company out there.


Let me just say first of all, i have been in the furniture business for 13 yrs now. Ive worked for multiple furniture retailers including Raymour and Flanigan.

I can tell you for a fact (and this goes for all of these rediculous accusations) Raymour and Flanigan does not make thier own furniture!!!..theyr a retail store that sells other name brand furniture.

Names including Sealy and Lazy boy. 4 years worked for the company and let me tell you they were the best!..Please judge the company by the service you get from the begining to the end, not just the bad part.

Former Store manager of Raymour and Flanigan.

to David #595032

Company and service Sucks


The problem really is that folks like yourself claim to want American products but are looking at 499 sofas. Now you tell me how that vagas couch could be made here so your sales person was just being funny like you were with our question.


I purchased a bed. When the delivery guys came they were suppose to put together the bed .

They completely set it up wrong.Guys from raymour & Flanagens had to come the next day and install it correctly.The company should not be having these guys putting the furniture together.

They dont Know how to put furniture together. This is going to be a big problem for Raymours.We had to sleep in the livingroom that night.



We're sorry you were given incorrect incorrect information in our showroom. This is not the type of customer experience that we pride ourselves on providing.

We also want to let you know that the Vegas collection is manufactured in Mississippi, by Design House. Design House is a La-Z-Boy company.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email customercare@raymourflanigan.com.

Thank you.

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