i had a very nice experience with raymour and flanigan. i left my house, expecting to purchase bedroom furniture for my home. i ended up purchasing bedroom sets for myself, my 13 year old and my 6 & 8 year olds. the salesperson met us when we entered the store. he said he'd be up to assist us when we were ready. when i chose the sets i wanted, he did not pressure me in any way to choose additional items. in addition, when we were finished, he gave us the protection package for free, without trying to sell it to me. i didn't know anything about it in fact.

he brought us water at the checkout desk, and that certainly way appreciated. he was honest and didn't try to sell me anything i didn't want.

our furniture was to be delivered on a specific date between 9 am and 12 pm. the furniture was delivered at 9:03 am and put together by two men who took every care not to disturb my household which included a 6 year old who wanted to help!!

when i thought about where i wanted to go to buy furniture, i had several options. i could have gone to the discount furniture place, i could have gone to a local furniture store, but i chose what i consider to be an upscale retailer to provide me with quality furniture that will last for years to come and provide me with the service and products that i want.

i got no interest until 2010, a free warranty program which will replace or repair anything that is damaged, even by a vacuum ramming into a corner of a dresser. i have never been happier with a business in my life.

thank you, raymour & flanigan.

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