Three months have passed since I placed my order. I ordered my ottoman in the "special fabric" they offer.

The first time I picked it up, it was the standard color (after waiting 6 weeks). This week I went to pick up the ottoman and they again presented me with the wrong color! They offered to allow me cancel the order. The are unable to deliver the products they offer and their customer service just makes you more frustrated with them.

Don't buy from them unless you are willing to wait for it for four and a half months.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Moscow Mills, Missouri, United States #4540

I couldn't understand the complaint.

Someone needs to learn how to spellcor type or both.

Meadville, Missouri, United States #4532

:we went up on a saturday and bought a mattress and they told us they had a 2400.00 dollar one that we can have for 1200.00 with a 20 year warrentry but we have to take the one off the floor wich was fine the sale lady said that we have to take it tonight wich was fine but we need the frame which they don"t keep in stock but get this she still want us to take the mattress and put it some where in are house untill monday to they can get us a frame they finally decide to leave it there untill monday we came home sunday night the sales lady calls and said the mattress was not any good and that there was no warrenty on it so i went straight up and want my money back they had a anough guts to tell me i have to wait 5 to 10 days the check was sitting right there did i tell them wait 5 to 10 days and i will pay you

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