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This horrible company deliverd my SCRATCHED leather sofa and SCRATCHED bed. Do you know why it was scratched?...They took the plastic off the couch on the sidewalk and seemed to DRAG and or bump my sofa to the door!

The headboard and my footboard of one of my son's beds were scratched. They redelivered after making me sit there and wait again only to deliver another scratched bed and couch with a HUGE black spot on it. They tried to redeliver yet again today and EVERYTHING was scratched. My husband called them and they will not issue a refund even though they were at total fault.

The drivers were RUDE to me all 3 times. The first time they rudly spoke another language they knew I couldn't understand after I said there was a problem. They acted frustrated with me. The second time, they saw me shaking my head and said loudly to me, "WHAT!!!" The third time my husband dealt wtih them.

They seemed to treat him better, I geuss they don't like women! DO NOT EVER get your furniture from them!

They will take your money and treat you like a second class citizen and give you used furniture!

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Sofa.

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i have actually purchased at the co op bronx location. My sales person was very professional and intelligent.

although he looked only 22yrs old. the young man knew what he was talking about. he actually took time helping out an older gentleman on another customer. it took about 4 days for delivery..

ive had it since may .

and its in great shape . I Love Raymour

Waldron, Arkansas, United States #2115

I received a mattress delivery from Raymour and Flanigan----everything was okay just for 2 things---i was told they would take the old mattress and boxsprings out of the home and dispose of them----come to find out ---they can't if the are stained----well hello---what do you expect perfect looking mattress---if that were the case why would I buy new ones?? secondly, the delivery guys were so adamant that the mattress wouldn't fit up the stairs---guess what they were wrong!! Wish the guys would just do their jobs like they were hired to do--and not look for any easy way out!!

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