I bought several pieces of family room and dining room furniture from Raymour & Flanigan (Lawrenceville, New Jersey) in April 2011. Was my first trip to Raymour & Flanigan. Here is what happened to the Wooden Dining Room Chairs with leather seats and back (SKU # 798072775) - The wooden sides and the legs of the dining set chairs have nicks all over. I can see yellow raw wood underneath. After two weeks, a screw fell off from one of the chair and another chair had leather wearing out from seat corners.

Here is what happened to the Wooden Fireplace with side drawers (SKU# 399033009) – Without touching it ever, Nicks appeared over the edges. After opening the side drawers a few times, the top corners of the drawers are all peeled exposing the raw wood underneath.

Here is what happened to the Two Full Size Leather Reclining Sofa sets (SKU# 202282959) – After few days of purchasing stitches from one of the seats opened. One of the reclining seats does not stay stable and is wobbly. Threads are hanging out randomly from various parts of the seams on both the sofa sets.

Here is what happened to the Wooden Coffee table – It was dirty when it was delivered to my home so I cleaned the table top with wood polish. The table became smudgy and smoggy. I called the store and was told not to use wood polish instead clean with soap and water. Well that cleaned it. After few days two 2 oily looking spots appeared. Tried cleaning but didn't go away. Table was not used this far. To date not a single thing is put on it but has a scratchy look all over.

Furniture continues to fall apart. I bought the Platinum Protection Plan and have so far had them come twice. New damage has occurred since then. Calling them every month for a new fix is not a solution.

I do not have small kids and nor is the furniture used daily. I am not sure how the top management and the CEO of Raymour & Flanigan continue to market such products. It's a shame.

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Protection Plan.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Actually its not magic. I have the same problem.

Within one week my barely used dining table had 4 cracks which exposed the yellow like underwood on areas which i never touched as I eat in the same spot and its just me using the table. The wood is chipping off. I made a call and now I am left waiting three weeks, yep thats right it is going to take to have some "expert" aka someone who works for them probably to down play any problem to deem me worthy of a repair.

I paid for a new table I want a new table not a patched up table which will only have problems again. I was a VIP customer if this doesnt get fixed right I will never shop there again.


I bought Sofa, Love seat and Coffee Table set last year from Poughkeepsie R&F Store along with so called Extended warrenty.I learn one thing with the loss of my money "DON'T EVER STEP IN TO R&F STORE". Save your money and buy your self a better furniture from any where els. "Don't be traped by there interest free bull**** offer, you may end up paying more and at the end use that furniture for bonfire.


This customer is totally right. I used to be a repair tech and I can confirm that the furniture is poor quality--that's how I made my living.

It bothers me to think of people being scammed so I'm speaking out now. I have been in furniture a LONG time--Raymour's business is to sell you cheap furniture and then make sure it stays in your house--either by me repairing it or telling you it's not returnable.

They do not take pride in their products--they take pride in making as much money as possible. This is the honest truth.


This customer is totally right. I am a repair tech for Raymour and I make my living fixing their furniture, which is poor quality. Stuff is damaged during packing, delivery, and just from time being in the home because it's not meant to last.


Without ever touching it, nicks appeared. Uh, that would be magic, wouldn't it?


i whent to the one in waterbruy CT and spent 2600.00 and after 5 months it was ***! now i am saveing up go get something good!!

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