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In January of 2007 I ordered a sofa but went with one of
several alternate fabric colors. The sofas arrived 2 months later and were
too big for my formal livingroom. I visited Raymour's website and
called customer service. Because the sofas were "custom" I could not
return or exchange. I tried to deal with the furniture for 2 months and
because it didn't fit.. never used the room.

I finally went into the store and begged them to investigate. The store
manager assured me that he would look into it. Two weeks later I called
and was directed to the regional manager. The regional manager said he
would look into it then called me back a few days later. The regional
manager said he'd offer me a 50% markdown to take the furniture back. I
asked him if the offer was to discourage me and he said "yes".

What kind of place is this? There is NO service to properly educate
customers on this topic. NOTHING is on the website. NOTHING is in their
stores. And best of all.. they will offer you some ridiculously low
amount to get you to GO AWAY!! I can pay a restocking fee but come on...

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Sofa.

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Bobby... name calling...

how childish. At best you should have come up with something a bit more creative.

Reference your thesaurus perhaps.

And for the other very bright people who have responded to this post, retailers of furniture are REQUIRED to fully disclose their policies. Those that posted MUST work at Raymour...


Just thought to let you all know that the way they treat their employees is downright reprehensible too! The secret is out and heres why...

The negative feedback and the way the upper management instigates gossip and problems amongst their own co-workers is \"absolutely disgusting\". Shame on them! And it\'s not going on in just one store either it is \"all\" of Raymour & Flanigan stores. They use people then fire them after they trek all over working from one store to another for them the whole time while the employee is thinking they are doing what it takes to advance their careers.

They are sickening to say the least. I have seen it time and time again and that is just barely skimming the surface on the \"abundant amount\" of examples of thier despicable treatment of their employees. The \"upper managment\" manipulates situations to their \"higher ups\" and provoke all sorts of outrageous claims and issues amongst their own co-workers. I just can\'t figure out why??

Do they really need to make themselves appear better? Like \" look boss see all the issues & problems that are here and what I do for you and why you need me so much in this position\" is all I could come up with their outlandish behavior. You could never just come to work and work because of the control and hold upper managment had over the workers playing them against one another for praise or out of fear they themselves would be eliminated unjustly. I was \"amazed\" at how long it kept going on and is \"still\" going on.

How unfortunate and *** for Raymour & Flanigans success. Did they every hear of Karma? Let me explain it for all the wicked little smarties that are still working at R & F read real slow now... \"ALL\" the people you did dirty throughout the years that worked so hard have Mothers or fathers and husbands and wives and brothers and Aunts and cousins, and uncles, and they all have families and friends and cousins and aunts and uncles who have co-workers in other companies some even more prominent than your own and and so on and so on and so on who are \"all\" telling their personal experiences about how they were mis-treated and how terrible it was working for Raymour & Flanigan.

Your name will get tarnished and the people you did so wrong will talk and let others know to stay away from your company for employment or anything else that they may think they have a reason for going there for. They lead by the poorest example I have ever \"EVER\" seen in the workplace. They have a turnover in employees un- to- be believed because of the serious lack of professionalism and the evils they themselves create. HHMMMM now what about the furniture you say?

I had them back twice on two different instances to fix damaged, poor and I mean \"POOR\" quality furniture.

Please tell as many of your friends and family about this e-mail they deserve nothing but the best! And it\'s not coming out of R & F.

Muldrow, Oklahoma, United States #7649

Come on guy! Don't blame the company for your own stupidity of not measuring!

Chokio, Minnesota, United States #3729

I am not a fan of Raymour, however, i don't understand how they could be responsible for their furniture not fitting in your home. Seriously?

It's called a tape measure. You should have measured your rooms before you even walked into the store.

It is not Raymour's fault you were not prepared and they had no liability in this. Sorry.

Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand #936

I'm really tired of people that complain about contracts they've signed themselves, and then want to whine because they have "buyer's remorse".

Your statement that "There is NO service to properly educate

customers on this topic" is completely unfounded. I myself have special-ordered from Raymour & Flanigan (I am a long-time happy customer), and the recepit says right on it, plain as day: "Special Orders, Non-Cancelable, Non-Refundable". What's so hard to understand about this?

The company you ordered from has made something custom and specifically designed for you. Is it their fault that you didn't measure your room properly?

And why shouldn't you have to pay a restocking fee? Do you think a company can just resell your "used" furniture? Would you want to buy furniture had been in someone else's house for two months? Gross! (And I apologize b/c I am not assuming that you don't run a clean household, but I don't care how clean someone is, used furniture is used furniture, and I'm sure most people wouldn't allow that in their homes).

A restocking fee (I'm not sure about Raymours, but most are 10-20%) to return something is a much better alternative to being told that your receipt says "All Sales are Final" and "sorry, but there's nothing we can do about it, you signed it".

You were probably offered to keep it at a 50% discount, otherwise what are they going to do with it? It can't be re-sold to another customer, so it would have to be incinerated. You'd be better off taking it a 50% discount, then trying to re-sell it yourself...

You should be happy you were given any recourse or options at all, because most companies will stand firmly behind the contract you signed which stated ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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