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We bought $10,000 worth of bedroom furniture including a $2,300 king size memory foam mattress (not a brand name) from the Watchung NJ store. Incidentally, the store's mattress coordinator handled the sale. The mattress felt nice in the store, but after several nights on it we realized it was like sleeping in a hole. Also, we couldn't sleep near the edge of the mattress nor sit on the edge without sliding off. On the other hand, the bed didn't make any noise when we did sit on the edge, and it was silent when we moved around (this becomes important later).

After about a week, we contacted the store manager to reselect a mattress under the store's comfort guarantee. We were told we would be charged $199 for disposal of the original mattress and a $90 delivery charge for the replacement. We agreed.

When we arrived at the store, the mattress coordinator who'd handled our original sale helped us through the reselection process. We explained we wanted a high-quality conventional (inner spring) mattress instead of a memory foam design. We were shown a very nice option that felt great -- until we found out it carried a price over $6000. The coordinator said the store manager would forgive the $199 disposal fee, but we felt the price was still absurd.

We were then allowed to try out several options. We finally settled on a very comfortable Sterns and Foster king size for a little less than the original. The price differential distressed the mattress coordinator who explained that the comfort guarantee didn't provide for selecting a less expensive mattress. So we looked around some more and found one just as good (maybe even a little better) for a few hundred dollars more than the original.

The replacement mattress was delivered, but its box springs were so thick we could not easily get into the bed. The head delivery person said we should have been given low-profile box springs, and he was kind enough to make the necessary arrangements. The correct box springs were delivered the next day.

With the new mattress and box spring, however, we now heard a loud wood-on-wood creaking and cracking noise whenever we sat on the edge of the mattress or even when we just moved around. With each move it sounded like the bed was going to collapse.

I visited the store and spoke to the store manager. I explained the problem and said it was like the mattress was too small. He appeared puzzled and said, "A king's a king," and referred me to the customer service manager.

The customer service manager arranged for a technician to evaluate the problem and make a report. The technician arrived on 06-Sep-2008 and immediately heard the noise. He said the mattress was four inches too short and four inches too narrow. I asked about the manager’s “A king’s a king” comment. The technician explained that Sterns and Foster makes two sizes of king size mattresses and that our bed requires the larger size. As such, the mattress and box springs were not being properly supported; hence our weight was not being evenly distributed across the entire bed frame. This caused the frame to flex creating the noise as well as jeopardizing the structure of the bed. He said we would hear from the store in one or two weeks.

It is now 23 Sep and we have not heard a word – nor have we had a decent night’s sleep. I've tried calling the customer service manager, but naturally, she's never in.

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I think you and I got the same mattress....and this IS my replacement bed after the first bed failed. Well after all the things I have gone thru with R&F after making appx 4 purchases from their Deptford NJ store.

We have been lied to, have had delivery dates canceled many times, have had damaged furniture delivered, incomplete deliveries, even furniture that was not ours delivered but the icing on the cake was when they emptied the ENTIRE truck on my front lawn because they had loaded the truck backwards. Our front lawn looked like a yard sale of stuff from a scratch and dent room! When I called and complained they offered to give me a $100 gift card. Now after all I have been thru there is NOTHING in the store under $100 and I did not want to give them anymore of my money.

In the end I found a pair of wooden rooster and hen I had to add about $10 to, to get my credit. We have a HUGE account with Wells Fargo because we believed their lies. That Cindy Crawford denim sofa is ***. It did not last a year and we are still paying for this *** furniture.

My mattress and box spring needs to be replaced again....there is still 18 years warranty left on them but after the stories about the bugs on here there is NO WAY I will ever buy furniture there again. After throwing away the Cindy Crawford sofa we got smart and went to Lazy Boy and replaced it with 2 leather recliners that are beautiful!

Also I must add Lazy Boy's delivery is excellent. R&F should change their name to "The Dump" because it is!!!!!!

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