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I have had an ongoing issue with Reymour and Flannigan in Long Island, NY whereas they delivered a fireplace that was incorrectly assembled from the manufacturer. I called to complain the same day it was delivered and 3 weeks later a technician was sent out to fix the problem.

When the technician saw that it was a defect in the mantle due to the manufacturer he called Reymour and Flannigan and told them the item had to be replace. Two weeks later a replacement firebox was sent and not the mantle. We refused the firebox as it was not what was defective and called Reymour and Flannigan again to explain that the mantle was defective from the manufacturer and the customer service rep said that they don't sell that mantle anymore and it would take 6 weeks to get a new one delivered. Eight weeks later and still no mantle.

We called once again and this time wanting to speak to a manager. We left numerous messages for a call back but to no avail. Made another call to Reymour and Flannigan 3 weeks ago and the customer service rep told us it would be 6 to 8 weeks before they could get the mantle delivered. This would take us til the end of August.

We demanded a call back from the manager and still no return call. We would never refer anyone to this company. This has been the absolute worst experience we have ever had.

All this time we have been paying on this defective unit. Consumer Affairs and BBB will be our next course of action.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Am having a similar issue with a fold out bed, if possible please post a follow up? I'd really like to know how this gets resolved because I'm feeling at my wits end. I'm afraid BBB might be my next turn as well.

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