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I have been waiting 7 months for my couch to be repaired and I've gone almost a month without a couch. My couch was scratched and scuffed during a move in July 07. In July, I ordered repair parts which I was told would come in 2 weeks.

About four months later (parts were payed for in full in July) a repair man came to my house with no parts and looked at the couch and said "the parts are not in" I'm just here to look at the couch and to see what repair needs to be done.

About one month after that, another repair man comes without parts again! This time he tells me that the repair has to be done at there shop. I had to call to schedule a pick up for repair which I did and I was promised to get the couch back in 3 - 5 business days.

The couch was picked up and taken to the repair shop. Two weeks later the couch was delivered but the repairs were not made! They only polished over the ripped leather. I explained that I ordered new parts, new leather and that's what I paid for not polish. Not to mention that they could have polished the couch in my apartment - didn't have to be done at the shop. So I sent the couch back and two more weeks went by before I could schedule a date for the delivery.

Because I was so dissatisfied the company offered me a "new" couch. When the "new" used couch came it had a tear in the leather! So I sent it back again and rescheduled yet another date for delivery. After a delivery scheduling error on their part the couch was not delivered today.

I called the "customer service" line and got a rude manager who didn't even offer an apology for 7 months of aggrivation and still no couch! I will now have to reschedule the delivery again!!! I am never buying from Raymour & Flanigan again!

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