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3 years ago I was introduced to a budding company in the area, ( I myself was new to the area ) Job security is good, healthy work environment, Ability to climb the company ladder very real. I was placed on the 2nd shift to accomidate the primary job I already held. When I first started I had very high hopes in my future, but the more time I spent in the company the more I found that there was a total disregard for safety and customer satisfaction.

Employees were not only damaging products being sent out on purpose but also constantly horse-playing. The first time I was a victom of this I was operating a lift-truck and was 8 levels in the air pulling a sofa ,and my truck went dead, the operater in the isle beside mine had decided to unplugg my battery to slow my productivity and see how long it took before I would figure out the problem. In the end my machine was down for about an hour ( some one in the loading area noticed I was gone and came and plugged my machine back in ) , I immediatly went to management and reported the situation and was told it would be taken care of. Management in the next meeting made a specticle of me , ridiculing me, and told the other team members to just " knock it off". After these and many other things were witnesses and happened I became very leary of the so-called proffesionals around me. The last day I walked into that company, or any other for that matter, I went, got my asignment ,went over the safety checklist, and started my evening. The safety inpection to my lift-truck was of utmost importance, because the machine had spent more time in the repair shop in the past weeks than any I knew. I started my run and my life was over just like that !

The third peice of furniture on my artinerary was a ways back in the isle and in an area the I had to back in to get, as I was in route a peice on the side of the isle was hanging out, it caught on on the peices on the lift truck ,pushing them back into myself, The button I was standing on was released by me lifting my foot off it, this button is a safety feature of the truck that, if it's not pressed the truck won,t move . The name of the button is wisely named ", dead man button". In case of an emergency release pressure and the truck stops dead. In my case it failed !!!! I was crushed sustaining many injurys, after a legnth of time I pulled myself free and management was called. The manager on duty refused to call the ambulance, I was beside myself with fear and frustration. A coworker seen me and ran over and just literally dragged me to his car and took me to get medical help.

In the last couple of yrs I have been battling it out with compensation and doctors . I'm now totally disabled. I've literally lost everything I own.........

All because a company can'tlive up to it's own motto's and stand behind it's own employees

Product or Service Mentioned: Raymour And Flanigan Customer Care.

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Point Reyes Station, California, United States #13903

Didn't you get a lawyer? Didn't you contact OSHA?

I work in a furniutre warehouse with about fifty or sixty od these order picker lift trucks. Saftey is number one where I work.

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