3 weeks ago I purchased a new couch and loveseat. I asked the manager of the store if I could return it if my husband didn't like it and she said no problem.

They closed at 8:30 pm and since I was in the city helping my sister I couldn't pick up the furniture until then. I had an 85 mile trip home after that. We waited till the next morning to unload and my husband hated it and there were marks where they had plastic heat wrapped leather.

I called the next morning and asked for the manager and suddenly she had to ask her manager? He got on the line and told me too bad the only way they would exchange it is if I had brought it back the same day I bought it. I explained to him why I hadn't and he said it was not his problem.

They will do anything to get you to buy something and then believe me you are on your own! I will never buy from them again!

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