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October 2009, my mother layed-a-way furniture at Raymor & Flanigan, W. 125th St.

I asked the salesman if they give refunds. He said yes. Before a delivery date could be arranged, my mother was hospitalized a couple of times.

She decided not to get the furniture (due to hospital bills). She told R&F she no longer wants the furniture. But R&F told her that their policy is to not give refunds.

Plus they sold her furniture. Now she's stuck w/a $2100 store credit that she'll never use. Raymor & Flanigan should be reported to the Better Business Bureau, NY1, or Help Me Howard.

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After ready the comments I went with misgiving back to the store where we had purchased furniture for our new condo, and the bedroom set was too big for the room. The store manager was not only helpful, but after the transaction was done, we wound up with furniture that should fit without a problem and a credit. I am totally satisfied with the way the problem was resolved.


Would really like to know the name of the salesperson. You can absolutely change your mind and receive a full refund.

I believe the salesperson mislead you to save his/her commission. Raymour and Flanigan will simply not allow that kind of behavior.

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Sorry to hear what you are going through. However, that is NOT R/F policy.

Any order can be cancelled up to the time of delivery for a FULL refund including Delivery charges. Who told you you will only get a store credit?

I suggest you speak with the customer care manager at the store you bought from or simply go to the other two Manhattan stores at Broadway and 66th and on East 14th Street near Union Square. What was the salesmens name btw?

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