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My wife and I went to a Woodbridge, NJ branch to buy a mattress. My wife is 73 y.o.

and has Cancer. We were shown an IMatress setup with an adjustable frame. Told that the remote for the base can be wired or non wired. I chose the wired model.

Lucky that I was looking over the salesman's shoulder when he wrote up the order as I noticed that the base he wrote up was a Temperpedic brand. He did not tell me this but just went ahead and wrote it in on the order. When I asked him what he was doing I was only then told that the IMatress does not make a base that was wired. Did not tell me this before.

I asked to see what the Temperpedic base looked like and was shown this crappy ugly base that was in a different area of the bed dept. The base was not cheap ($2,800). HE TRIED TO SLIP THIS IN WITHOUT TELLING ME. I said Ok I'll take the wireless IMatress remote model and paid the exta $200.

I then asked if the delivery men wore shoe covers as I have white rugs. He said yes they do. Ok then I paid. When it came to deliver the mattress- the drivers did not bring shoe covers with them.

When I offered them some to wear, they refused. I said then you'll have to take your shoes off.-They refused to do that that also. I said then I will cancel the order. They did not care.

They called the store mgr - he said that they cannot do any of that and never would. SALESMAN LIED AGAIN. I cancelled the order which was about $5,600.00. When I asked the mgr to credit my cc account I was told that I had to come into the store to do that.

What a terrible policy. I told him that if I called my credit card company to cancel that the store would have to fill out paperwork. He did not care. I SAY STAY AWAY FROM THES STORES.

They lied to me and they tried to pull the wool over my eyes. THEY ARE NOT REPUTABLE & WILL MISLEAD YOU.


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