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I spent over $10,000 for living room furniture and was told by the salesman that if I was unhappy or it didnt look right in the room to call up and they will rfund the money.......(too Start). Furniture shows up....Missing a piece that we thought was on our LARGE list of items that the salesman gave us a price for.

Come to find out he gave us a price, then didnt add one piece on (we didnt get charged for it) BUT!!!!!!! we thought that was the total so agreed to buy the furniture thinking we had a nice deal....WRONG!!!!!! So, back to the top....I told them to just come and take ALL the furniture back and was then told that was not there policy.

We should have read the contract better but believed the elderly salesman......I will NEVER EVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE AGAIN!!!
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Mission, Texas, United States #9850

I also had a positive and negative experience with Raymour and Flannigan. I was completely satisfied with my mattress purchase BUT the livingroom furniture fiasco was ridiculous.

I went to the store and picked out teh furniture I liked and requested pricing for each piece. I decided to take one day to decide if I really wanted to spend the money. I did. I returned the next evening but the salesperson was not there. I was told the order is in the computer and to go to the service desk to pay and arrange delivery.

When I looked at the printed receipt the color listed was "Cognac." I explained that I requested "Pearl White." The young lady told me not to worry b/c the warehouse ues different color codes that do not coincide with the in-store color codes.

Needless to say, the wrong color arrived the following weekend. I work a 2nd job and lost a day's pay waiting for the wrong color furniture. They aske dif I wante dto keep the wrong color. I refused and was told the right color would be delivered teh following weekend.

The next weekend, I took another day off and can you believe the only piece that arrived was the leather otterman. The sofa and chair never made it onto the truck. Another day's pay lost.

Bottom line, I had them waive ALL dleivery charges from my account and aske dthey they substanially reduce the cost of the sofa. It's been four years and I need a diningroom set but I would like to do business with an organized company.

Clarkdale, Arizona, United States #1950

Thank you, I was just starting to look on the website, but found this. I have listened to many complaints about them.

With my luck - I would get burnt... I will look elsewhere

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