We bought furniture from Raymour and Flanigan. The mattress in the sofa bed wasn't great but our problem was with Wells Fargo bank. We financed with Wells Fargo.

They started off by sending us the bills a day or two before the due dates, we always paid more than the bill amount. They cashed one check but did not apply the credit to our account and sent us a late charge! we called and they were real nasty.

After they realized that we had the cancelled check, the guy at Wells Fargo says" as a courtesy i will remove the late charge" Courtesy??

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My problem also is with Wells Fargo Bank.

When I purchased uy sofa the salesman encouraged me to use them as I would get an additional discount (as Wells Fargo pays the store to talk you into finace)

So the salesman said just pay the whole amount when you are billed and it won't cost you anything additional. So of course when they send the bill they don't allow enough time to send it back. I mailed it direct from the postoffice with a check for the entire balance (marked pd in full on the check) 14 days later I get a call from them telling me I have not made a payment! They appear to have lost my check? They were extremely rude over the phone, I allowed them to take payment over the phone although they charged me a late fee and interest! She asked if I wanted to keep my account open! I of course said no way, I didn't want it to begin with.

Two days later they cash my check! Now I have paid twice, overdrawen my checking account! I am unable to get a copy of my check off my bank records as they (wells fargo) cash them in such a way that there is no copy????

The customer service department at R&F tell me

that yes WellsFargo see's that I have pais twice, but they need to check further and that

"maybe" I'll be credited to my account by the 31st (8 days from now) Not I'm sorry we collected on a closed account with a zero balance and well refund the late fee and interest. Can I sue them?

I well never buy anything from R&F...

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Hey Wells Fargo Pissed Consumers,

You can take them to small claims court.Just file with "breached our contract" and "refused to refund my money" or "negligent in administering my contract" and be sure to request a jury trial (write "Jury Trial Requested" on the complaint and they will call you to SETTLE to avoid a trial by jury.

They are very concerned with the publicity.

Request the max you can get and settle for half.GO!


Raymour & Flanigan and Wells Fargo opened an account without my permission in 2011, using information they had from 2009.They reported it to the credit bureaus with a zero balance, but with a negative comment saying the account was settled for less than the balance due!

There was never a balance due. Wells Fargo is the epitome of incompetence.

They refuse to respond to my dispute.I recommend anyone with a case to report it to The Comptroller of the Currency!


Wells Fargo what else can I say?

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