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Raymour and Glanigan uses Wells Fargo, which is unscrupulous, they will find a way to charge you a high fee, by either not letting you know your exact due date. I believe that they purposely post your payment late, so they can negate the free finance and charge you a high percentage for the remaining contract.

They will invoice you late. They will do what ever it takes to ***. Don't take their finance. Also recently, because sales are off raymour stopped discounting, so don't expect anything off on price, what's more they just raised their prices.

Most odf their furniture is made in China, Iwonder is the material flame retardant and are the colors of the fabric made with lead, are there harmful chemical in the fabric. One thing I have noticed, YOU can NOT trust the label, the Chineese are so crooked they will print anything, even if not true. They don't care, just look at what they just did to their own babies with the dried milk scandal. The have only profits in mind, they really don't care who they screw, especially not their own people, and not us.

Look at the Mattel Scandal, don't drink from a chinese made ceramic cup, hot cofffee will make the lead in the glaze leach!

Bring back better made furniture, made in America with materials we can trust!

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